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Search for games by system requirements

Selection of games according to computer system requirements, online test

What games can I run on my computer?

Enter the parameters of your PC to search for games by system requirements and click "Search"

  • A selection of computer games by PC system parameters
  • To pick up games that will run on your computer, use the game search module by the system parameters of your PC, all you need to do is enter your PC data in the form below. After entering, you need to click "Find" and the module will give you a list of suitable video games.
  • How to enter: Enter the video card or processor without the words "NVIDIA", "AMD", "Intel".
    Input example: To select, for example, the processor "AMD FX-9590 4.7GHz /5200mhz / 8MB", enter FX-9590 or better 9590, you can use one letter or number, the system will automatically select the right one. If there are no options, then try to erase a few characters and enter a different option.
  • Attention!!! For unregistered users, the data entered about the components of their system is stored for a limited time. Your configuration will be stored on the server for 24 hours, after which it will be deleted. To remove this restriction, and not to search and fill in your PC data in a new way every time (the data is inserted into the form automatically), we recommend going through a simple registration procedure. After registration, your configuration in the profile will be stored until you decide to hide, delete or change it yourself, once and you don't need to do it anymore.

Data entered in the fields to search for games