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About our software.

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Use our service with flexible tools that are constantly being improved.

Checking game for compatibility with PC online

The tool makes it possible to check whether the game will go on the computer. The module compares the system requirements of the game with the parameters of your computer, the test will give you a preliminary assessment and determine whether your processor and video card are suitable.

Search and selection of games

You can find suitable video games for your PC or laptop. The module compares the parameters of your PC with the system requirements of games and gives a complete list of suitable games. The tool has additional filters for searching.

Comparison processors, video cards

With the help of the tool, you can compare how much your graphics card or processor is more productive than others! The comparison takes place according to all available characteristics of components and also according to the results of various tests in synthetic benchmarks.

Reviews and ratings, Games, Gaming companies

The site gives you the opportunity to rate games, leave reviews and comments. A list of gaming companies and many other useful information is also provided. In the absence of a game or, for example, a processor, the user can add any information to the site himself.
Site information

About the site started its work on February 12, 2017. At the moment it is: Video Game Catalog; System requirements of games; Video screenshots; Testing video games for compatibility with your computer; Reviews, news, guides and more; Comments; The system of reviews and ratings of games; Accessories: Processors, Video Cards; Comparison, technical data of PC components; The main answers you will get here are: What games can you play on your computer? What are the system requirements of the desired game? We hope you enjoy BenchGame, and if you have any ideas, let us know, maybe they will be reflected on the site.

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How to find out if the game will start on the computer?

Will the game launch?

If before buying or installing a video game you doubt whether this game will go on your computer! And you don't understand what the system requirements are and what parameters your computer has, or are you a simple gamer, who is just interested in video games, then our site will help you figure everything out in a couple of clicks of the bear. Here you can test your PC, find out what settings the game will work on your computer. Every day we replenish the database with new games, processors, video cards, etc!

About testing


Our testing tool still has a lot to develop and so far the test results are still approximate. But, even now the test gives quite fair results whether the game will go or not, it is very difficult to calculate such data, since they depend on many factors, let's even take the optimization of games, agree, even on top systems, some games show slide shows. At this stage, the system compares the minimum and recommended video game system requirements (if known) with the parameters of your computer. It compares not only, for example, the number of processor cores or the amount of video memory, but also various benchmarks of component performance. The testing calculation algorithm is constantly improving.

On BG you can find everything about games

Bench Game:

  1. get game information;
  2. check if your PC is compatible with the system requirements of the game;
  3. pick up games for your PC - search and selection of games;
  4. view game ratings and player ratings;
  5. see trailers, screenshots;
  6. read news, reviews and cheat codes for the game;
  7. find out PC components - processors and video cards;
  8. performance ratings of PC components;
  9. compare the technical data of processors and video cards;
  10. and much more, stay tuned...