Characteristics AMD Opteron 252

General parameters AMD Opteron 252: processor specifications, processor cache and memory, compatibility, peripherals, embedded modules, performance AMD Opteron 252 and other characteristics.
Characteristics Value
General information
Processor name AMD Opteron 252
Manufacturing company AMD
Processor category For The Server
The code name of the architecture: Troy
Release date 2005
Of. website Link
Processor Specifications
Cores 1 cores
Streams 1 thread
Frequency 2600 MHz
Turbo Boost&Core
Bus 1000 HT
Technological process 90 nm
Number of transistors 114 млн
Maximum temperature 67 °C
Unlocked multiplier ">
Processor cache and memory
Level 1 cache 128 Kb
Level 2 cache 1 Mb
Memory channels 2
Types of RAM DDR
Compatibility & Peripherals & Embedded Modules
Socket Socket 940
Energy Consumption (TDP) 93 W
Built-in graphics
Technologies and instructions (virtualization, security)
Technologies and instructions MMX,3DNow!,SSE,SSE2,SSE3AMD64,EVP (Enhanced Virus Protection),PowerNow!,Halt mode,Stop Grant mode
* Specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice
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Description AMD Opteron 252

A brief overview of the processor AMD Opteron 252 from the company AMD. Card release date 2005 year. This is the Server th processor, the codename of the architecture Troy, developed by 90 nm technology. It has 1 cores and 1 thread, with a clock frequency of 2600 MHz, The processor does not have the technology to automatically increase the clock speed of "Turbo Boost&Core". The multiplier is blocked. For compatibility, this processor is designed for socket Socket 940, with TDP 93 W, the maximum temperature at which the processor AMD Opteron 252 can work is 67 °C. The processor has no built-in graphics. The L3 cache is - Kb.


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